Cool Ocean Diy Craft For Kids Using Salt And Water Color Paint.

We consolidated a portion of our preferred water shading systems to make this cool sea workmanship venture for kids. The completed work of art looks so vivid and is ideal for a late spring workmanship venture or a craftsmanship movement to go with a sea topic!

Painting with Watercolor

Children consistently love painting with watercolors, and when you add oil pastels and salt to the blend, it makes the movement significantly all the more energizing!

Some fluid watercolors, oil pastels, and craftsmanship paper to attempt, I knew precisely what we were going to utilize them for-sea scenes! This late spring Lucy and Theo have been keen on sea creatures and finding out about the tides and waves in the sea. What better approach to broaden their learning than by making a workmanship venture roused by their inclinations!

In the past we’ve utilized oil pastels and watercolor paint to make blossoms and rainbow craftsmanship, and we’ve additionally utilized watercolor paint and salt to make a workmanship scene motivated by the story, How to Catch a Star. I chose to join every one of the three workmanship materials for this task!

Sea Diy Craft for Kids Using Oil Pastels, Water shading, and Salt

Materials for Ocean Art Project for Kids

Fluid watercolors (We utilized Colorations Liquid Watercolor–our supreme top choice!)


Oil Pastels (We utilized Colorations Oil Pastels.)

Salt (Any sort of salt will work, however our preferred outcomes are the point at which we use Epsom salt.)

Workmanship paper (We utilized The Ultimate Art Paper.)



Step by step instructions to Make Ocean Art for Kids

Draw loads of white, wavy lines over your specialty paper utilizing a white oil pastel. (The set from Supply really accompanied three white oil pastels, which I cherished since we utilize those regularly with the watercolors.

Set out some fluid watercolor paint in various shades of blue. We utilized blue, blue-green, and turquoise. (The Colorations brand of fluid watercolors from Supply has consistently remained our top pick considerably in the wake of attempting different brands.

Paint a blue watercolor wash over your sheet of workmanship paper utilizing any shades of blue you’d like.

Before your paint dries, sprinkle some salt over the paper. As the paint dries, truly cool plans will show up in your paint.

Put your sea water paper aside to dry and start making your sea creatures. Utilize another sheet of workmanship paper and oil pastels to draw any ocean animals you’d like.

Paint your drawings with fluid watercolor paint. The children consistently love perceiving how the oil pastel drawings oppose the watercolor paint!

When your ocean creatures are dry, removed them.

Paste them onto your salt sea work of art, and let it dry.


When sprinkling the salt onto your sea painting, don’t do gigantic heaps of salt or put the salt on dry segments of your paper-structures will be less inclined to show up.

At the point when we’re utilizing loads of various shades of fluid watercolor paint without a moment’s delay, we put the various hues in an ice block plate. It makes for simple cleanup and can be utilized over and over!

The fluid watercolor paint is splendidly shaded directly from the jug. You can help the hues by adding water to the paints you’ll be utilizing.

Try not to keep more youthful youngsters separate from this action. Theo (age 4) cherished making his salty sea painting. Despite the fact that he isn’t exactly prepared to draw sea creatures, he drew his own structures which were sea creatures in his eyes!

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