Subsequent to seeing Emma’s fake living divider, I knew I simply needed to reproduce the look in my own home. The issue was, I don’t generally have a decent central divider that could take that kind of treatment that wasn’t at that point decorated, secured with craftsmanship, or loaded with windows. In addition, I don’t know I have the devotion to finish a full divider! Be that as it may, I despite everything adored such greenery. At the point when I saw this foot stool at Ikea, I figured it would make the ideal artificial living end table. That additional rack under the glass top was flawless to house the greenery and the glass top implied I could see the plants from all edges! What’s more, since it just measures 2′ by 4′, it was significantly more spending benevolent than an entire divider.

If you’re anything like you either have a coffee table in the living room the kids have been beating up on for years OR you don’t have anything and want to do it yourself!


two level end table, ideally one with a glass top (I utilized this one)

fake grass turf

fake greenery (I purchased the entirety of mine at the specialty store in the flower division when it was at a bargain; likewise look at this rundown)

E6000 or other mechanical glue like fluid nails


2 jars splash paint in your selection of hues. I utilized a light pink by Rustoleum.


Gather your table and splash paint in your preferred shade (you can likewise leave it as may be, however I like the pink against the green).

When the splash paint has restored medium-term, slice the fake grass turf to fit the base rack of your table. Utilize the E6000 or fluid nails to add a touch of paste to the focal point of each blossom and press your grass tangle into place. At that point let the paste dry for a couple of hours.

Next, begin to organize your greenery onto the grass top to figure out the best format. When chosen a look, evacuate the bits of greenery and utilize a couple of forceps or wire cutters to cut the stems, leaving 1″ of stem toward the end. Utilize the scissors to cut a cut into the turf and press the stem of the greenery into the gap. On the underside of the grass turf, utilize the forceps to twist the stem upwards and level against the underside of the rack. Don’t hesitate to add a spot of paste to the gap where the stem jabs through to give it additional security.

The entire table (short drying time) was finished in around 2 hours, which is ideal for me! A dash of green plants and a fast turnaround time! I love the manner in which the greenery jumps out from the table and hangs over the edges as well. Presently allows simply trust my children are mature enough to keep it decent

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